Ready for lunch every week day, and our special "Pasta Pick up Wednesday" for dinner!

* Local Ground Beef

* Fresh Local Pasta from Big Lake Pasta

* Home Made sauce cooked slow all day with Local Basil and Tomatoes

* Check out "Pasta Pick-Up Wednesday" for more information on a great Dinner Pasta for the family!

Eat Local Pasta!

For lunch every weekday, 5$ gets you two meatballs and a filling container of pasta 🙂 "Pasta Pick-up" Wednesday kicks it up a notch with our huge dinner size on for 10$ (big container filled and has 4 meatballs) and then even bigger with the family pack. (8 meatballs and a ton of pasta)

We make everything family-first. If you have any special requests for your family or organization, we are always open to custom orders for parties, events and meetings! Send us a message with any question, we would love to help!

Passionate about Local Food, Dependable Service and Community Oriented Business Practices