Gluten Free Crust Options

We are excited to say now that we are fully stocked with crusts (of all our sizes) from local business: A Gluten Free Harvest! Karen (from GFH) and Chelsea (from ELP) have worked together to test out and set up this option.

These crusts crisp up nice and taste great. I was recently helping a friend move and we grabbed a few to try. Honestly, there are times I may choose them over regular options. Karen does such a fantastic job with them.

Our new Gluten Free Crusts come in:

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large
  4. Extra Large

The pizza pictured in this post is also sporting our surprisingly delicious lactose free cheese alternative. We have been really trying to dial in on the dietary concerns and restrictions of our customers in order to provide Thunder Bay the best food experience we can.

When you want to “Build your own” pizza, ask for a Gluten Free Crust!

**While these crusts are gluten free, there is always risk of cross contamination despite our best efforts**

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One reply on “Gluten Free Crust Options

  • Joanne Toback

    Thank you for making me smile! Always doing my own cooking due to celiac and lactose intolerance, but you’ve given me the option to enjoy takeout just like anyone else 😍👍🎉

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